Our Advice Process

You gain an understanding of who we are and what we do, and we achieve an understanding of who you are.

We explore your future goals and discuss you prospects with you so that we can both understand what those are.

We evaluate your financial position as well as aspects of your life related to your financial circumstances.

We present you with a personalized record of advice and discuss any thoughts or questions you may have.

We execute in accordance with the strategy and recommendations agreed to by you.

We regularly review your portfolio and communicate as you go through various life stages and changes. Our long-term views and on-going relationship are what ultimately add the most value to our clients.

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Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning is about more than money, we will assist you to define the lifestyle you want to achieve and then develop a personal step-by-step plan to get you there. Along this financial journey we help you make well-informed decisions as well as navigate complex legislation to achieve the lifestyle that you want to live.

Your life and needs change as you get married, have children, start a company, receive a promotion, enter retirement and ultimately face death. As your life changes, so too will legislation and your external environment which requires your financial plan to change as well. The reason we believe in on-going advice is because of these life changes and we want to assist you throughout this journey and ultimately preserve your wealth from one generation to the next.

We differentiate ourselves from the market in that we offer holistic advice as opposed to marketing products. Our holistic approach and expertise enable us to incorporate investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, as well as risk & assurance into our advice process.

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Investment Planning

More About Investment Planning

Investing requires patience and discipline in order to achieve long-term returns. Through our professional implementation of asset allocation, fund manager selection, tax-efficiency, and low-cost strategies we are able to offer our clients a range of local and global investment vehicles. We construct diversified investment solutions to help you achieve your financial plan.

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Investing Offshore

Diversity means not having all your eggs in one basket. Given that the South African market makes up less than 1% of the global market, investing offshore is essential in achieving diversity. Offshore exposure adds protection against rand depreciation as well as political and economic risk.

SA residents are entitled to an annual R1 million Discretionary Allowance or R10 million Foreign Capital Allowance as permitted by the Reserve Bank. We offer a host of global solutions as well as facilitate the FOREX transfer with SARS and manage the entire process for our clients.

Our local & offshore investment product range includes:

– Unit Trust
– Endowment
– Tax-Free Savings Account
– Retirement Annuity
– Pension Fund
– Provident Fund
– Preservation Fund
– Share Portfolio


Retirement Planning

More About Retirement Planning

Half of South Africans do not have a retirement plan, while as few as 6% are able to retire comfortably. So how much money do I need?

We believe retirement is an exciting chapter in your life and that you can retire with money and meaning. Planning for retirement can feel intimidating and delaying this further compounds the problem. Our passion is to help you define a retirement plan and retire successfully.

Many retirement vehicles have tax benefits that every investor should be taking advantage of without compromising their liquidity and investment opportunities. We tailor retirement solutions through our range of flexible retirement products. We utilize advanced cashflow modelling software in our analysis to help identify any shortfalls and provide personalized advice.

Our retirement product range includes:

– Retirement Annuity
– Pension Fund
– Provident Fund
– Preservation Fund
– Living Annuity
– Life Annuity
– Blended Annuity
– Umbrella Fund


Estate Planning

More About Estate Planning

More than 70% of people either do not have a valid will in place or their will is not up to date. Estate Planning is about more than simply having a will and even having a valid will does not mean that the full value of ones’ assets will go to the beneficiaries as intended.

Certain asset types are subject to legislative rules and before any assets can be distributed to beneficiaries, all outstanding liabilities and expenses must be paid. These include Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Masters Fees, Executors Fees, Funeral Costs, Transfer Costs etc, which can reduce the inheritance and force assets to be sold in order to cover these costs.

We create comprehensive estate plans which provide for estimated expenses and shortfalls to ensure your last wishes are fulfilled.

Fudiciary Services

Without a valid will your estate will be distributed intestate, meaning that beneficiaries and procedures are determined according to legislation and not your last wishes. Inheritance by minors may be held by the state guardian fund until the beneficiary reaches age 18 which may not be desirable.

We offer additional services to our clients such as drafting of wills (at no cost) and estate administration (winding up estate). We are experienced in dealing with the Masters Office and ensuring that our clients families and beneficiaries best interests are protected.


Business & Life Assurance

More About Business & Life Assurance

Risk Planning is a crucial part of financial planning that protects people and businesses against unforeseeable events.

As people we face uncertainty regarding death, disability, severe illness and health. These unforeseeable events can create large financial costs to you and your family. While you are accumulating your wealth and have debts(eg home loan), your greatest asset is your ability to earn future income and this asset must be protected.

Companies and Business Owners face similar risks of death, disability, severe illness and health in relation to key employees and business partners. Professionals in private practice face specific pressures and risks regarding the line of you are in and Professional Indemnity Cover is vital to the success of your practice and ensuring that you are adequately protected. All business owners seek to have the value of their shareholding realized. Through insurance, we can assist in ensuring that your family gets fair compensation for your shareholding in the event of your death.

Our individual and corporate insurance products include:

– Life Assurance
– Disability Assurance
– Severe Illness / Dread Disease
– Income Protection
– Professional Indemnity Insurance
– Buy and Sell Agreements
– Key Man Cover


Employee Benefits

More About Employee Benefits

Good employees are hard to come by and employee benefits can be a competitive advantage in the workplace and help to secure your company’s future.
We manage a range of a range of corporate investment and insurance solutions. Our flexibility allows us to manage companies of different sizes and to tailor packages to fit your employees needs and budget.

We will guide you through the process of understanding and procuring the most competitive and cost-efficient benefit packages. We engage with employers and employees on an on-going basis to ensure that benefits are understood and effectively utilized.

We offer the following range of group benefits:

– Provident Funds
– Pension Funds
– Group Retirement Annuities
– Umbrella Funds
– Group Life Schemes


Share Portfolios

More About Share Portfolios

As a specialist financial advisory business, we are able to offer our clients a layer of advice and protection their share portfolios. Stockbroking is an additional service offered to our clients through our trusted stockbroking partners.

As our client you can decide how involved you want to be and you will have access to an investment manager and their research. We are able to offer this service on both local and offshore portfolios to our investors.


Cash Management Solutions

More About Cash Solutions

Corporates and individuals know that banks do not provide sufficient interest on cash which causes inflation and financing costs to erode value over time. We have effective solutions aimed at providing individuals and corporates with liquid, low volatility and cash management solutions.

You benefit from viewing your entire financial life on a single page, providing a clear vision of what matters most to you

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