how we can help you

wealth creation

A persons wealth is created over time, over a life time of consistent perserverance and commitment. Each persons idea of wealth is as unique as each of us are. There are various ways of attaining ones wealth and through the years of advising people about their money you are never to old to save, the sooner the better!

needs analysis

Every good financial plan starts with a thorough needs analysis. It is at this point we can ascertain your financial needs, goals and future aspirations. We at MJ Sacks & Associates start by gathering all your information, about your needs and wants, trying to establish your dreams and aspirations - a lifestyle. We then start the journey to enable you to implement this into your life for the future through estate planning and lifestyle needs. This in turn is reviewed on an annual ongoing basis.

retirement planning

Retirement planning is a subject spoken by many and it has many avenues for consideration such as: Life expectancy, budgets, estate planning, family succession plans, wills etc. This too involves gathering of each profiles individual information and implementing a plan that can see you through to the end and hopefully wonderful retirement years.